Shinko Kaizen Company Limited is advance in Pre Conditioned Air Hose / duct supplies aircraft with air at airports all over the world.


Shinko Kaizen  is manufacturer and specialist in Pre-Conditioned Air Hose / duct. Locate in Bangkok Thailand. We are working closely with airport user teams to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact.


Our mission is to provide quality reliable products, as well as necessary technical support for our customer’s requirements.


We believe the unique perspectives and innovative ideas that result from different cultures, backgrounds, genders and races combined with teamwork produce optimal results.


Our commitment to an inclusive environment is evident throughout our organization from the Board of Directors and CEO extending throughout every aspect of our businesses.




Some of our major customers and applications include:


 Bangkok Airline

 Thai Airway

 Suvarnabhumi  Airport, Bangkok, Thailand

 Don Muang Airport, Bangkok, Thailand

 Chiangmai Airport , Chiang mai , Thailand

 Hong Kong international Airport, Hongkong


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      Shinko Kaizenis advancein Pre Conditioned Air Hose/ ductsupplies aircraft with air at airports all over the world. About us Shinko Kaizen is manufacturer and specialist in Pre-C...
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